Tiêu chuẩn, chứng nhận VDE Certification là gì?


Tiêu chuẩn, chứng nhận VDE Certification là gì?

DENLEDNHAT.COM – Gần đây trên thế giới có đưa ra một tiêu chuẩn mới có tên gọi là VDE Certification được dán trên các sản phẩm, nó thể hiện điều gì?

Định nghĩa:

VDE là tiêu chuẩn cho sự đổi mới và an toàn, nó là dấu hiệu được dán trên các sản phẩm có nghĩa là sự an toàn cho cả nhà sản xuất và người tiêu dùng. Cùng tìm hiểu về VDE Certification được Phòng Marketing của HSMA tổng hợp và đăng tải lại nguyên văn như sau:

What is VDE?

Standards for innovation and safety

Ever since the first electro-technical standard VDE 0100 was passed on November 23, 1895 at the Wartburg Castle in Eisenach, Germany, VDE standards have been an inseparable part of the development of key technologies in electrical engineering, information technology and consumer protection.

DKE – the German Commission for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies – is a joint organization of DIN (German Institute for Standardization) and the VDE. The VDE is responsible for the daily operations of the DKE, which is the national organization for developing standards and safety regulations for electrical, electronic and information technologies. DKE represents German interests in the European and international standardization organizations CENELEC and IEC.

The VDE Testing and Certification Institute tests electrical products and issues the worldwide known and respected VDE certification mark. In turn, the know-how accumulated annually in the roughly 16,000 tests flows back into the VDE’s standardization work. The VDE publishing house (VDE Verlag GmbH) publishes and markets the VDE regulatory works and specialist publications on standardization.

VDE provides current information on standardization proposals and developments in electro-technical fields on its DKE Internet homepage. You can also find the right contacts for our free telephone service and information on the DKE offices throughout Germany. DIN-VDE or IEC standards can be researched, ordered and subscribed to online.

Xem thêm tại link: http://www.emspartnersinc.com/images/CE-VDEMarks.pdf

Marks and Certificates

The VDE mark means safety for both manufacturers and consumers. The VDE Institute can look back on decades of experience as a testing and certification institution you can rely on.

Certifications with the VDE mark are recognized worldwide

The products marked with the ENEC and HAR signs of the VDE Institute can be marketed throughout Europe without the need to obtain certifications from other European authorities.

The certification basis is as follows:

  • Directive for the Test and Certification System – PM 101
  • Test and Certification Regulations – PM 102
  • Certification marks, certificates, confirmations – PM 045
  • Certified products are subject to factory inspections and production monitoring

Cách kiểm tra online mã số chứng nhận VDE tại link: https://www2.vde.com/en/institute/onlineservice/vde-approved-products/pages/online-search.aspx

Certification Marks and Attestations

The VDE certification marks represent security. The consumer can rely on them. After a successful control of manufacturing facilities, product inspections and the regular production monitoring, the VDE Institute awards various marks.

On our approval you can trust!

Why product certification in the first place?

VDE Certification Marks

With the testing and certification of the VDE Institute, an independent body confirms that products are state-of-the-art and guarantee safety for the user.

Our VDE certification marks, which are recognized and respected as quality seals, enable the safety and quality of devices, components and systems which thus can be communicated as best as possible to consumers, retailers, customers and business partners.


An overview on VDE certification marks



Technical working equipment and commodities ready for use, in the sense of ProdSG (optional for such products instead of VDE Mark)



Certfication without Certification Marks

  • CB Test Certificate: Certification of electrotechnical products based on IEC standards in the IECEE CB procedure
  • CCA Notification of Test Results: Certification of electrotechnical products based on EN an HD standards
  • Statement of Conformity: Statement on the conformity of electrotechnical products to determined requirements
  • LOVAG Certificate: Certification of industrial low voltage appliances
    based on EN standards and specification of the LOVAG procedure
  • Factory Certificate: VDE-recognition of Factories based on the European factory inspection procedure
  • Certified Technical Safety Management (TSM) Confirmation of the requirements for the qualification and organization of enterprises for the operation of energy supply networks (on the basis of legislation, FNN guides and VDE application rules)

Attestation of Testing

  • VDE Expert Report: Expert testing and examination based on VDE-/EN-/IEC-/HD-/CISPR standards and other technical specifications
  • VDE Test Report for the information of the customer: Informative testing based on VDE-/EN-/IEC-/HD-/CISPR standards and other technical specifications
  • Expertise: Testing according to the requirements of the customer

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